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    Prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis
    Background information

    Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a common clinical chronic nasal disease, affecting 10% to 20% of the world's population, and has become a global health problem.The disease reduces labor efficiency and causes economic losses of 30 billion to 50 billion euros in EU countries every year.The World Allergy Organization (WAO) epidemiological survey of allergic diseases in 30 countries shows that 22% of people suffer from allergic diseases, the most common of which are allergic inflammation and allergic asthma.

    "Allergic rhinitis cannot be cured at present." Liu Guanghui, the first chairman of the Allergic Disease Prevention and Control Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine, believes that allergic rhinitis, as a common disease, is not only a medical problem, but also a public health problem."Allergic diseases are genetic diseases, environmental diseases, common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, chronic diseases and epidemic diseases."However, "clinical cure of allergic diseases, especially allergic rhinitis, is achievable." Liu Guanghui said that allergic rhinitis usually occurs when three conditions are met - allergic constitution, allergen, and contact between the two. .Therefore, in the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis, the first priority is to avoid contact with allergens.However, for the vast majority of patients, the allergen is unknown, making it difficult to avoid exposure.Especially during the pollen season, patients usually have to wear masks, goggles an

    Xinlandao (Tianjin), a holding company of promed, has exclusively developed a powdered anti-nasal allergy gel. After spraying into the nasal cavity, it can form a uniform, high-viscosity film in the nasal cavity to isolate the nasal mucosa from external allergens. Achieve the effect of "clinical cure".Used during the onset season, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of allergic rhinitis and greatly improve the patient's quality of life.

    At the same time, Xinlandao also provides seawater nasal spray for nasal cleaning, as well as nasal irrigators.