"Technology Empowers the Future: An Action Guide for the Era of Change" - 2023 Haiyin Outpost Conference was successfully held in Tianjin

On December 10, the much-anticipated 2023 Haiyin Outpost Conference was held in Tianjin.Entrepreneurs, scientific and technological workers, researchers and other people from all walks of life from all over the country gathered together to discuss the future development direction of scientific and technological innovation in the current economic environment.

It is reported that this conference, with the theme of "Technology Empowers the Future: An Action Guide in the Era of Change", aims to explore how to use science and technology to change our industry and how to strengthen innovation, technology and industry in the era of change with the great development of artificial intelligence. How to enhance the international influence of domestic scientific and technological innovation capabilities through in-depth integration.

During the conference, Wang Yuquan, the founding partner of Haiyin Capital, delivered a wonderful speech.Wang Yuquan said that we are in a period of change and we must fully understand the changes of the times.After experiencing the electrification revolution, industrialization revolution, and information revolution, society has now entered the digital revolution. It is currently in the unfolding period of the digital revolution. Therefore, from a macro perspective, we must understand this change and find a winning strategy.And grasp the changing characteristics of the current era at a micro level, and then adapt to the changes.As artificial intelligence technology continues to emerge, it will bring us many impacts that cannot be ignored. We must proactively think about the future, adapt to and explore the impact of intelligent service design on all aspects.

The conference also held an exhibition of innovative technology products, showcasing the innovative technology products invested by Haiyin Capital and cooperating with Zhixin Incubator and launched in Tianjin, including Kangai Company's clinical nutrition tester, VANTRONICS Puchang's bipolar microcurrent facial mask patch, Mei Anrex's exoskeleton rehabilitation robot, Weikan Technology's electronic balance assistant, Nomax Technology's portable POCT analyzer, Xinlandao's powder gel for allergic rhinitis treatment, etc. Many products have been approved by Haiyin Capital and Zhixin With the investment support of Tianjin Haiyin Sentinel Industry Fund jointly established by the incubator, it has developed rapidly with the professional services of Zhixin Incubator.The exhibition attracted many visitors, who showed strong interest in the new technologies, new products and new applications on display.

The successful holding of this Outpost Conference provided an important opportunity to promote the development and application of scientific and technological innovation in Tianjin, and demonstrated the results of the Tianjin Haiyin Outpost Industry Fund in Tianjin.Hywin Capital and Zhixin Incubator also expressed that they will further strengthen future cooperation and unite more partners in Tianjin to promote international cooperation and exchanges of technological innovation products in the fields of capital, large-scale mass production, and professional services.