About us

    Company Introduction
    Beijing Hongbo Gene Medical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of biotechnology and medical devices. The company was listed on the New OTC Market on January 11, 2016, stock number: 835373.The company has established a R&D and production base in Tianjin: Xinlandao (Tianjin) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The company is also a first-level agent for Roche diagnostic POC products.

    Xinlangdao owns Magnetic microparticle chemiluminescence technology, and has developed a patented strip-based fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyser: Clite-160i analyser. 12 testing reagents have been successfully developed on Clite-160i analyser including 5 myocardial biomarkers, 4 inflammatory biomarkers, and 3 gastritis markers, all of which have obtained NMPA and CE certificate. More testing reagents are in R&D pipeline and are expected to launch by March 31, 2024, including thyroid hormones, sex hormones, tumor markers, brain injury, acute renal disfunction.

    In addition, the company has established production lines for sprays, powders, gel, and granules medical products.  These include medical equipment, disinfectant, personal care products.  Among them, “Well-fit” Anti-allergy nasal barrier gel is unique in this field which has a special formula and unique dosage form, indicated to use for prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis and prevention of flu.

    The company owns the registered trademark "Xinlangdao" covering fields such as in vitro diagnostics, medical devices, and biological preparations,  and the registered trademark "Well-fit" covering fields such as oral and nasal medication, disinfectant, and medical  dressings.
    Two equipment production workshops of total 300m²

    Two reagent R&Dlaboratories oftotal300m²
    More than 1,000 square meters of 100,000-level workshop (including two independent production lines)

    A10,000-class workshop of nearly 200 square meters
    A10,000 class positive laborato

    A 10,000-class microbiology lab