Fully automatic POCT chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer
    SMART 500H

      Technical specifications


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      The analyzer combines chemiluminescence technology, immune reaction technology and magnetic separation technology. By analyzing and processing the number of photons generated by the chemiluminescence immune reaction, it can clinically characterize or quantify the analytes in serum or plasma from the human body. detection.

      The analyzer uses the principle of indirect chemiluminescence based on AMPPD and alkaline phosphatase. It labels the antibody (or antigen) with alkaline phosphatase and forms a solid-phase package after immunoreaction with the specimen to be tested and the solid-phase carrier in the reaction system. The antibody-antigen-to-be-tested-enzyme labeled antibody complex is added with AMPPD luminescent agent, and alkaline phosphatase causes AMPPD to remove its phosphate group and emit light.

      The analyzer uses magnetic separation technology to separate impurities and immune complexes.It is a solid-phase extraction technology SPE based on magnetic materials as adsorbents. The adsorbents usually refer to magnetic iron oxides, such as magnetite (Fe3O4) and maghemite (Y-Fe2O3). The particle size is generally nanometers. class.At present, in the field of immunoassay, magnetic beads are often used as solid phase carriers. First, the surface of the magnetic beads is coated with a certain antigen or antibody, and is mixed or contacted with the sample to be tested. Then the substance to be tested in the sample can be Reacts with antibodies or antigens on magnetic beads, and can quickly separate impurities and immune complexes under the action of an external magnetic field, and then perform signal detection.

      Fully automatic operation 
      From sample loading to result output, SMART 500H provides a fully automated operation process, reducing manual intervention and improving laboratory work efficiency.

      Multi-mode detection 
      The instrument supports a variety of different chemiluminescence immunoassay modes to meet different types of detection needs.

      High-throughput testing 
      SMART 500H can process a large number of samples in a short time and can complete more than 120 tests per hour, making it suitable for high-throughput laboratory environments.

      Excellent detection performance 
      uses advanced photomultiplier tube (PMT) and background noise suppression technology to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of detection results.

      The software system supporting 
      intelligent software management provides a friendly user interface and supports functions such as data management, remote monitoring, and report printing.

      The network connection function 
      SMART 500H can be easily connected to the laboratory information management system (LIS) to
      Detection principle: Enzymatic chemiluminescence system 
      Detection speed: ≥120 tests/hour 
      Reagent positions: 15, which can be replaced and added at any time, with refrigeration function 
      Sample positions: 24, which can be replaced and added at any time 
      Reaction cups: ≥130, which can be Add 
      emergency function in box at any time: Emergency emergency detection at any time Precision: CV≤3% 
      Background noise: ≤100RLU/s 
      Carrying contamination rate: <1.0ppm 
      Dimensions: 506mm (length) × 670mm (width) × 678mm (height) 
      Weight: 89kg