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    Evidence Investigator

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      Evidence Investigator is produced by Landau Laboratory Diagnostics Company in the UK, a world-renowned company. It is a small semi-automatic analyzer that can realize immune and molecular diagnosis on this platform.

      Its high-throughput detection platform provides laboratories with efficient and cost-saving solutions.The analyzer uses biochip array technology to perform multiple tests simultaneously from a single sample to obtain comprehensive and cost-effective screening, which is fast, accurate, and simple.

      High-throughput: The protein array can process 702 tests in 70 minutes, and the molecular array can process more than 200 samples in one day; 

      Multi-target: Multiple tests are performed simultaneously, providing more comprehensive information; 

      High-precision: High-standard accuracy test results , CVs<10%; 

      Comprehensive menu: multiple immune analysis kits, gene mutation detection, SNP genotyping, pathogen detection, etc.; 

      Save time and cost: perform multiple tests on one sample at the same time to improve laboratory efficiency; 

      more Analytes: serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, tissue, cell culture supernatant, saliva, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, body fluids;
      Detection principle: competition method, sandwich method combined with antibody, probe capture and chemiluminescence technology 
      Flux: 54 chips 
      Sample volume: 25-150μL 
      Precision: CVs<10% 
      Calibration: nine-point calibration 
      Incubation time: 30-60 minutes 
      Barcode scanning: intelligent identification of samples and reagents 
      Barcode kit: 50 servings/box 
      size: 750mm (height) * 480mm (length) * 420mm (width) 
      Weight: 24kg