Fully automatic chemiluminescence analyzer

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      The CLite-160i fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer adopts the alkaline phosphatase magnetic particle chemiluminescence method and is used in conjunction with the chemiluminescence reagents produced by our company. It is used clinically for quantitative detection of relevant analytes in human blood samples.

      It can be used in a variety of scenarios including in-hospital laboratory departments, outpatient and emergency departments, and third-party testing to provide highly sensitive and precise analysis results.

      Lightweight and portable: Small and smart, it saves space and provides a more convenient and quick solution next to the bed.
      Flexible testing: supports single testing and joint testing (multiple different clinical samples for the same item can be tested at the same time, and the same sample can be tested for multiple items), realizing joint testing of inflammation, joint testing of myocardial infarction, joint testing of heart failure, etc.
      High sensitivity: The detection limit is as low as 3pg/mL, which is consistent with high-sensitivity troponin detection.High-sensitivity troponin is a specific indicator of acute coronary syndrome and myocardial infarction.
      High accuracy: The test results can be compared horizontally with international mainstream manufacturers.
      Simple operation: The reagent card strip comes with a TIP tip, so there is no need to add it manually.The equipment automatically performs sample dilution without manual operation during the entire process.
      Provide quality control solutions: the equipment adopts two-point calibration to simplify the calibration process and facilitate the calibration of the equipment.
      Detection principle: Magnetic particle chemiluminescence immunoassay technology Flux: 6 channels 
      Linear correlation coefficient: ≥0.99 
      Precision: CV<5% 
      Calibration: 2-point calibration 
      Detection time: ≤15 minutes 
      Barcode scanning: Intelligent identification of sample and reagent barcodes 
      Test kit: 30 servings/box, 60 servings/box 
      Software system: 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, supports LIS system 
      Size: 585mm*390mm*488mm 
      Weight: 20kg